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I wish that I could wake up with amnesia And forget about the stupid little things...
  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it
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im still grounded but hey i miss you guys sm ://


Happy 20th Birthday Ashton Fletcher Irwin! -  
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this has been sitting around for awhile and i’m not quite sure how i feel about it. it’s based on this incredible movie, the fall. honestly i forced everyone around me to watch this movie once the credits began to role. there’s little to no editing required and the gradient fill is optional.  this could work for any roleplay, really and if you do intend on using it i’d like to be credited. 

  • fonts used: antrokasdemo and Georgia 
  • image size: 500x
  • Like/reblog if using.
  • DO NOT: claim or redistribute as your own. 

{ download here }

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looks like im grounded for 3 weeks because i put a dent in the car

lmao whatever. i only used that car once and i didnt nor anyone hit me. 

im so pissed right now i hate life.

ill try to post when i can lol

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Anonymous Q: are you still thinking of doing that bio rp about the poor public school and the rich charter school??

Yeah I am!!!!

i have to work today until four, lets hope sitting in the sun all day today watching kids play in the pool will pass some time??? (lmao jk)

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